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Diaspora Talent Sourcing

Ww ill bring to you the right skills, the right experience.

The Service

Diaspora engagement is a key component in the arsenal of development strategies.


At ADC, how to effectively and efficiently harness the force of Africa’s diaspora has been one of our main goals.

We will headhunt and place globally experienced African talents on the continent.

The Opportunity
  • We have access to  a database of experienced African professionals living in USA and Canada;

  • Strong relationship with diaspora groups and top universities alumni associations;

  • Word-of-mouth referrals from trusted sources and other professionals.

The Target
Job seekers
  • Fresh young african graduates from North American colleges and universities;
  • Seasoned professionals diaspora members willing to go back home​​ (middle management up to C-suite.)
  • Part-time and/or freelance opportunity seekers
  • Africa based companies
  • Governments and institutions

‘Tangible benefits that can accrue to a home country from its diaspora;

expats can prompt bilateral trade, promote FDI, act as business middle men.

And when they return home, as they usually do, they bring with them new

skills and experiences and networks.’

Michael Fullilove

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