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Market Development

Let Us Connect you with the Diaspora Market

The Service

Thousands of people from Africa continue to migrate in North America every year in search of a different working career and life. African immigrants population is roughly doubling every decade since 1970 (Pew Research). This provides marketers with humungous opportunities to target this segment with their brands of products.

At ADC we have a very sensitive understanding of the African diaspora drives and motivations, culture and behavior.



Diaspora Marketing

Our diaspora marketing unit focus on diaspora advertising targeted at Africans. It will facilitate companies and other marketers to engage with key consumer segments of the diaspora across North America.

Public Relation

We go beyond PR basics. We can strategize with you to add a custom public relations component to your marketing plan based on our huge network of community leaders and other influential people in the diaspora community.


We will target people or groups identified as influential, then count on them to use their influence to spread the word about your product or idea.

Market Research

ADC Marketing Research solution is designed to collect, and analyze data about the client target market, competition, and/or environment. This process will guide the client most important strategic business decisions.  Other benefits include:

  • Defining the client marketing policies in a more strategic way;

  • Defining more efficient and effective channel systems by carefully matching the interests of potential channel system members with the interests of the client.

Africa Diaspo Marketing research solution will deliver a wide and comprehensive scope including: product research, pricing research,  competition analysis...

Media Planning

We will connect you and plan your campaign with the most relevant media targeting the African communities.

Business Matching

Business begins with the right match.

  • To help you identify and screen potential business partners

  • Matching africa and overseas companies with business partners from overseas

  • Sourcing suppliers: technology…

  • Request for quotation

  • Companies based in Africa that want to tap into the North America diaspora market;

  • US or Canada based companies targeting local african immigrants communities: Remittances, Telecommunication, Finance, Airlines...



The Targets

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