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Technology Consulting

We will help you transform the way you do business

The Service

With a team of seasoned and highly educated professionals, ADC offers a full service technology consultancy.

Our consultants have built the subject matter expertise and strategic thinking to advise and execute across a wide spectrum of technologies and related projects.

They will assist you with everything from IT roadmaps and long term planning through to budgets and day-to-day operational processes.

We also provide you with the guidance you need to purchase a technology solution aligned with your business needs. 

Our Consultants expertise include but not limited to:

  • Cloud

  • Microsoft Systems & Infrastructures

  • Software and Apps Development

  • General IT Consulting

  • IT Project Management

  • Sourcing technology suppliers

  • Request for quotation

  • Training

The Targets

  • Individuals and companies based in Africa

  • Governments and other institutions in Africa


is happening in Africa

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