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Business Representation

We will allow your company to expand  into one of the fastest growing market: The Diaspora

The Service

Opening and maintaining a permanent establishment in an overseas market entails huge costs. ADC Business Representation solution offers the benefits of having a local presence, while the burdens of business operation are reduced significantly.


Our Business representation solution is strategically built in order to allow your company to expand into new target markets. We will act on your behalf for the purpose of increasing your sales and achieving growth target in accordance with your business strategy and your corporate culture. 

ADC business representation solutions include:

  • Searching for new customers in USA.

  • Acting on behalf of the client when dealing with diaspora customers.

  • Pro-actively promoting the client’s products and business to people within our network

  • Representing and selling US based firm’s products in Africa.

  • Attend relevant networking events and seminars on the client behalf

  • Helping with product integration and pricing to fit the local markets.

  • Providing after-sales services, including customer support.

  • Coordinating the client’s activities in the local market

  • Networking and lobbying on behalf of the client.

The Targets

Companies based in Africa that want to tap into the North America diaspora market: Real Estate. Finance. Telecommunication...

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