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Real Estate Consulting

Own Real Estate in Africa. let’s make your dream become a reality.

The Service

For many Africans living in North America, owning a piece of real estate in the home country whether it is land or a house seems an unattainable dream. Significant barriers are to be overcome indeed:

  • Some have been ripped off by their relatives, realizing only after spending tens of thousands of dollars that there was no “project”.

  • Properties with title issues; property fraudulently sold to more than one buyer

  • Lack of trust between the real estate developers and diaspora members

  • The prospect of having to travel to Africa and start the processes sometimes make this almost unattainable within reasonable means

  • Banks often unwilling to fund diaspora real estate projects for various reasons ranging from mistrusting the applicant or offering sky high rates.

  • Etc..

In order to address all those issues and make the diaspora member dream owning real estate come true, Africa Diaspora Consulting has partnered with a wide range of estate professionals including land owners, real estate developers, land surveyors, lawyers, financial institution.

We are well positioned to provide a comprehensive real estate solution to the diaspora member willing to own or invest in real estate in his home country.

  • Property sourcing: Prime properties identification with great development potential.

  • Real estate transaction due diligence: Due diligence will be performed to ensure the properties are on offer by the legitimate owners and the Titles are clean.

  • Financing vehicles

  • Clean title

The Targets

  • Diaspora member who want to own or invest in Real Estate in the home country;

  • Real Estate developers in Africa targeting the diaspora market

Our New Concept:

An online secured and comprehensive platform to connect buyers and sellers 

We are proud to introduce

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